When designing the interior of the Cremino craft cafe, we wanted to create a place where people would feel the Scandinavian atmosphere with elements of modern Berlin. We knew that customers would visit this place from the early hours to eat delicious breakfasts, hence the desirability of a bright and luminous interior.

The project includes a bistro space and a massive counter. There was also space for a small shop with take-away products. For those who have known the confectionery for years, we have selectively separated a zone where you can drink delicious coffee and listen to good music.

From the beginning, we focused on a cozy and warm atmosphere in the interior, hence the purposefulness of vintage armchairs or carpets on the wall. Most of the interior elements come from the off-white palette, which is why properly selected lighting accentuates and brings out interesting fragments, giving a sense of comfort and coziness at any time of the day.

fot. MIGDAŁ Studio

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