At Zimon Studio, we are all a good design lovers. We design in accordance with the timeless principle “good design doesn’t date”.

For years we have been looking for unusual furniture to complement our arrangements. We bring Polish legend’s designs back to life, which become crucial elements of the style of the interiors we design. Vintage armchairs introduce the classics of design in a modern, yet timeless form. They come back to fashion thanks to their shapes and upholstery patterns, and their wide selection gives you the freedom to choose the style that suit your preferences.

When renovating furniture designed by the best designers of the 60s, 70s or 80s, we draw on the honesty of the artistic design, craftsmanship and the use of the best materials.

By implementing this project, we want to build awareness of a sustainable lifestyle by restoring iconic furniture that is not only a recognition of the style of past years, but also a collectors’ item.


We are aware of the process that must be followed to achieve the best quality product.

We renew the armchairs using artisanal methods that our grandparents and fathers used. Upholstery and carpentry work is done by hand, using original processing methods.

We start the process by combining the two most important links: the vision and aesthetics of the designer along with the passion and skills of the craftsman. We assess the qualities of each armchair, select the colours and finish style.

We unscrew the wooden elements, remove the dull varnish and apply a new one, which gives the wood a healthy and fresh look. We stretch the new upholstery belts holding the springs, on which we place the seat with the replaced coconut mat and flexible foam ensuring sitting comfort. We then sew the upholstery, the material of which will represent to the planned style, giving the armchair a modern expression.

Find an armchair for yourself in a limited edition of 12 unique models.

Our offer is based on a sustainable production process, which is why we present models of armchairs on the basis of which we fulfill orders within 14 working days.

We look forward to help you with any quastions about furniture directly on


Armchair no. 01  500 euro / 1 pcs.

Armchair no. 02  500 euro / 1 pcs.

Armchair no. 03  500 euro / 1 pcs.

Armchair no. 04  500 euro / 1 pcs.

Armchair no. 05  500 euro / 1 pcs.

Armchair no. 06  500 euro / 1 pcs.

Armchair no. 07  500 euro / 1 pcs.

Armchair no. 08  500 euro / 1 pcs.

Armchair no. 09  price on request

Armchair no. 10  500 euro / 1 pcs.

Armchair no. 11  500 euro / 1 pcs.

Armchair no. 12  500 euro / 1 pcs.