Industrial and product designer, a graduate of Design Management at SWPS Warsaw University, Fashion Design of the Poznań School of Form and a student of Product Design at the Academy of Fine Art & Design in Wroclaw. 

At Zimon Studio, Szymon is responsible for the creative side of the entire design process. In cooperation with designers from many different sectors, he develops trends and ideas that respond to customers’ needs. He manages projects and participates in almost every stage of contact with the client as well as project implementation. He gained his experience while running a fashion brand Diligent (founded by him in 2013) and during international internships and workshops. For him, designing means breaking patterns to create timeless, functional yet unique solutions.




Interior designer, graduate of Architecture and Urban Planning at Katowice School of Technology. She gained her professional experience working as a designer in kitchen furniture studios, also taking up challenges related to arranging all other types of interiors. 

At Zimon Studio, Kasia oversees the entire process of designing an interior. She co-creates visual concepts for interiors, and then transforms those ideas into 3D models and visualizations. She is in charge of full technical documentation necessary for implementation of the project. To ensure that client’s needs are met and implemented, she participates in meetings and supervises works on the construction site. With each project her main goal is to create a beautiful and functional space.



An architect whose greatest motivation is designing in harmony with nature. He graduated in Architecture from the Cracow University of Technology. As a member of Małopolska Regional Chamber of Architects, he has a license for unlimited architectural designs.

He worked in several renowned Krakow architectural studios, undertaking tasks in the fields of multi-family housing and commercial architecture. At Zimon Studio, Michał uses his knowledge and skills to design timeless and functional buildings.